In the beginning, I created this shitty website. Thus the homepage and the template were completed in their subpar looks. By the twenty-seventh day I had finished the work I had been doing; so on the twenty-seventh day I rested forever and ever from all this work. Then I blessed the twenty-seventh day and made it awesome, because on it I rested from all the work of creating I had done by watching anime and YouTube the whole day.

Anyways, yeah this is the first post on my blog. I wish it was more monumental, but honestly, I’m not even writing this for anyone more than I am writing it for myself. This post is just kickstarting the blog, more or less. I plan on writing here daily, or at least, as daily as I can handle, but we’ll see how well that commitment goes. But right now, the site isn’t even live at the time of posting, so who knows when it’ll go online so that others can see posts like this.

Anyways, for anyone who may or may not be reading this, enjoy the website. It’s still under construction, but I’m gonna do my best to make it really good and fun to browse. I’ll be adding more over time and also begin posting other stuff like art and other projects here (hopefully).

See you next post :)