I’m pretty sure somebody already used that pun but still.

About a couple of days before posting for the first time on this blog, during Black Friday Week, I finally gave into Kindle shilling after wanting to do something about not reading and bought a Kindle Paperwhite 2021 model off of Amazon for 100 dollarinos.

For a bit, I didn’t use it at all.

Yeah, I guess it wasn’t a good idea to get a Kindle unless I had the intention to read in the first place. One issue I had when getting it was how difficult it is to read just regular chapters of manga on the Kindle. Instead, reading volumes of manga is more convenient since they’re all compiled and stuff. After a while though, I finally got other books, mainly Akira and Infinite Jest on there, although I do plan on getting other books on there as well. I haven’t touched Infinite Jest too much since its like 1000 pages and it’s sort of intimidating (although I’ll get to it eventually I promise), but I did start Akira, and the experience is very good. I’ve been reading before I go to bed, so the blue light feature really helps a lot.

Overall, don’t buy shit you don’t know if you’ll need for sure, but I think this ended up going well for me and I’m glad I bought the Kindle, because at least now I have more motivation to read unlike before.

Buy a Kindle.

You must please Jeff Bezos.

Goodnight :)