Today was a really nice day. It actually rained a lot more than I thought, I thought it’d only rain for the morning, but it rained the whole day, which was really refreshing and set a good mood for me. I also worked on the website and fixed some RSS stuff, worked on my new project (which I won’t say much about right now hehe), and also got more letters from colleges. One college sent me a “handwritten” letter that was just printed for the whole message except for my name on the top. The address was written too, but they spelt my name wrong. How special. It was good though.

Oh, and I also watched Blair Witch Project. I’ve been trying to open my horizons when it comes to movies since I never watched a lot as a kid, but I liked it a lot. I’ve been watching a lot of movies and getting into new stuff recently in order to give myself a broader sense of my own self and the world. Hopefully it helps with coming up with inspritation for projects I want to make, but A) I have major commitment issues when it comes to those, and B) I’m getting off-topic here. Blair Witch Project was really good, the style of it was unique and helped set a good atmosphere, and it doesn’t help that YouTube horror series and other stuff has conditioned me to fear old 4:3 analog video, so it made it that much more scary hahaha….

Anyways, it was a great day. I hope you reading this right now had one too. And if not, things will get better! Hopefully. Kidding, haha. Anyways, good night. :)