Sorry I haven’t been posting in a bit, I’ve been dealing with drama and also just not feeling in the writing mood for a second there (maybe I should write about those things).

It’s funny how after the PlayStation 2 post, I played a little bit more on the PS2, but not by much. Also, my GBS-Control died because of how shit of a job I did with the making of it, I plugged it in and it had a lil’ puff of smoke come out of it. Oops. I want to play on the PS2 more though, so I brought out a CRT to play on it. It’s not an excellent CRT, but it does the job. I’m gonna play Persona 3 on it and also probably try to get better at Parappa 2, but I want to play more games on it as well. We’ll see.

Also wanted to make a post on the PSP, but I can’t actually find my charger for it for some reason and it’s completely dead. USB charging doesn’t seem to work either, I think I disabled it or something. I will probably work on that soon enough.

I’ve also been working on a small comic. I have a really bad track record of not commiting to my projects, so I won’t say anything about it until I release it here on my website. I would say look forward to it, but you might disappoint yourself if you do that.

I’ve also been working on the website too as well, I was experiementing around with new looks for it, but I’m not very good at writing CSS or HTML, so honestly it might be while before I come up with something that I want to put in while looking stylish and nice. But I do have plans for renovation, and I still want to implement those new ideas I was talking about.

Anyways, thanks for reading, and hope to write here again soon!