It’s a beautiful rainy day where I’m at right now. No sunlight, all clouds, rain pouring down. This is a nice day for me. I personally don’t like the sun too much. Especially here in Arizona, where it gets so hot and all. When it rains, it’s really refreshing, especially growing up in Washington, where there’s a lot more rain than here. I think a reason I like the rain more is just the atmosphere of it. Rain is honestly really beautiful to me, something about the tippity tappity of the rain on the earth and grayness of the clouds and the amplified coziness of my home now that I’m sheltered from the rain feels really nice. Sunlight is fine too, but I don’t find it all that interesting. Maybe it’s just because I’m saying this as someone who goes outside a lot, but only really for school and work and other stuff, I don’t go out for the sake of going out a lot, so I don’t enjoy things like that. But oh well. Anyways, just wanted to write about that because I really enjoy this day of rain. I hope all of you reading this enjoy your days too.