Well, this is sort of late, but I just wanted to say Merry Christmas to all reading!

I hope you did something fun today, perhaps hang out with your family, or something. I spent some time with my family walking and eating lunch at the table today, which are two things my family as a whole don’t do often. I love my family, but I do feel bad about how we sometimes feel really disconnected from each other. I’ve been trying harder to get closer and do more with them.

I feel like the feeling I get from Christmas only happens in the first hour or so of the day, when me and my family open their presents. After that, it just feels like a normal day. I think it’s because of the fact that we don’t do a lot on Christmas since I don’t have any family where I live, so no places to visit, or even friends here to visit, since everyone is out of state. Oh well…

Just wanted to write a little. I’ll probably write more soon since I have some ideas of things to write about. Also site updates too, with visuals and all. Well, Merry Christmas, fellow reader!