When Smash Bros Ultimate preorders went live, I preordered immediately. I wasn’t even into Smash Bros, I just really wanted to get into it, so I bought it in the hopes of finally fitting in with my friends who all played Smash Bros. And how did that go?

I haven’t touched the game in years.

Fast forward to now, I’ve been wanting to get into it for the longest time. They seem really fun, and the kinda stuff I’d be into, but I was really intimidated by all the technical terms players were throwing around and their skills. It put me off of getting into them for a while, but today I checked Steam and said, “Hey, why not?”, so I bought a couple of fighting games, but the one I’m mainly kinda hooked on right now is Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late. It’s fun, but I really suck at the game, which is to be expected since I never played anything much prior. I think I’m finally beginning to understand a little and I’ve gotten slightly better at it. I’m just playing Hyde and I kinda learned the basics of the gameplay and moves and stuff. I finally got my first CPU win after like 30-40 minutes of playing around with it. It’s fun, but I hope I can manage to make myself stick to playing them.

It’s not like I hate them, like I said, I’m just bad at them and somewhat intimidated. But that’s what practice is for, right?

Well, it was fun to play that. I guess I also did get Spider-Man Remastered, but that’s not a fighting game, I just wanted to add that since I bought these games because I was buying that and it was the Steam Winter Sale. I’ll get to playing that soon as well, I played like the first 20 minutes of it so far….

Anyways, I’m gonna head to work, have a good day!