Well, it sure has been a while, has it?


I hope all my (1, maybe 2???) followers and readers have been alright the past almost 28 days since my last post here. Sorry that I haven’t been posting much (apologizing to myself). I haven’t given up on the website, it’s been on my mind the whole time I haven’t been writing on it. I think the reason I haven’t had the motivation to do anything with it much comes down to my lack of knowledge in all the stuff like HTML, JavaScript, etc. to actually put interesting things in this website. Maybe I’ll try to get back to it sometime.

Real picture of my oblivious ass not knowing how to make a good website

School has also been taking up a lot of my time as well. It’s weird, I don’t really feel like I have more work than before when I really look at things, but it feels a lot like I do. College English has kinda been meh (although 1984 was a great book), Trig is the bane of my existance, yada yada yada… College too, I’ve been worried about that, but that’s less of a time consumer, and more of a mood sucker more than anything else. Lots of school on my mind.

I also just haven’t had the motivation to write though. I kind of find myself to be somewhat… uninteresting? This website’s intention is to be my not-so-private diary commentating on my life and things I like, but I can’t get myself to write about myself much.

Speaking of writing though, I have been working on that too. I want to get my story ideas out there and on paper, so instead of twiddling my thumbs around, trying to draw something, and quitting, I’m thinking of trying to publish a small-form, chapter-by-chapter thing, right here, on my rinky dinky lil’ website! I actually did some good work on it, and it helps me get a product out by worrying about it in small chunks rather than only seeing things in the bigger picture. So… hopefully, and I can’t stress this enough…

Real picture of my dumbass procrastinating and getting distracted instead of doing productive work


I can get something done. This is not a guarantee or a promise. And no, I’m not saying anything about it yet.

That’s a surprise for later :P

I really hope I can get something published from it though… I’ve gone through so many ideas and projects as fruitless efforts at this point that I’ve set the bar so low for myself. If I can’t something out of this… then it’s probably over for me, and the intrusive thoughts will have won.

But anyways, that’s what I have to say about myself after almost a month. Sorry for neglecting you, nick64.me. I mean it. I will update you, add some things sometime too. I promise. Eventually. I will try to make myself write here more.

Before I go, have a good song for some good times:

See you later :)