Hello, YouTube, this is Nick64 Tech Reviews, and today, I will be reviewing the Steam Deck! As you can see, I have it right here on my desk, so I will be doing an unboxing of it.

Let’s take the tape off of it… And inside, we see a sleeve with some pictures…

Taking the sleeve off, we see the Deck itself in a case and a box on the left, assumably carrying the charging cable. Let’s see the box.

Here’s the box… And…

Yep, charging cable.

Oh, cable and a manual too.

Let’s see the Deck… It’s wrapped in plastic.

Let’s take the sleeve and plastic off.

And here’s the Deck in the flesh!

And here it is on! It’s installing Steam OS right now, so I’m gonna give it some time.

And there we go! We’re in!

…OK, that whole YouTube bit aside though, this is AWESOME. I’m so excited to use this. I started installing Persona 5 on it, but it took up all my storage :( Luckily, I ordered an SD card from Amazon, and a bigger SSD is coming in next week, so that will be exciting to have. I may write more about this, but for now, yeah… that’s kind of it. I will be busy for a little bit, so I might not post or work on projects for a bit, it’s been like that for a few days, but I will hopefully post some more meaningful stuff here later down the line. Thanks for reading! :)