It’s my birthday in less than 24 hours!!! So that’s awesome…

This is more just an update on myself than a news thing, honestly. I’ve been good, not much has been going on. I did the USB-C mod, and also, oh…!

I ordered a Steam Deck! I’m selling my Switch off in order to buy it, but it should be here within this week if Valve doesn’t take forever, so I’m really excited for that. I hope to do more gaming on the go with it and to get through my backlog with it. That, and I want to use my PSP more now that I have the USB-C mod. However, I could also just play all my PSP games on my Deck… oh well, it’s fine.

It’s finally spring break for me, so I’m glad to finally have a break from school and all that, but I’m not thrilled for the next quarter. I imagine it will be more stressful than before, with finals and all that. But it’s just one more stretch.

Well, that’s all from me, not much. To whoever is reading, have a wonderful day. :)