Today is April Fools!

…and I have nothing prepared. Oh well.

Today, I went walking. I try to do this a couple of times a week, which sounds bad, but then again, I do go to school, so I’m not like a shut-in or anything haha. But yeah, today I walked. Went to Goodwill first. I really like the Goodwill near my area, because there’s a lot of good stuff a lot of time. Today, I found 4 volumes of The Promised Neverland that I’ve been meaning to get, but never did, so this was a really nice thing to find. I got these for the price of a new volume, so I’m happy to add these to my collection of the first 3 volumes.

I’ve been collecting some used manga, comics, literature, etc. overtime, but I haven’t read a lot of it. For instance, recently I just finished collecting a graphic novel series I read as a kid, Amulet. Hope to read it soon, I’m thinking of making it a habit by setting an alarm during the day maybe, I need to get off my computer more…

I also went to Target and bought lime-flavored Tostitos. They taste pretty good.

I also wrote more stuff today, I’ve been working on just coming up with some interesting and more broad prompts and trying to write with them. I feel like I plot my stories out too much, so instead I want to try “letting the story write itself”, since people say that works very well. Hopefully it does for me.

I also watched Forrest Gump for the first time today, I really liked the movie, although afterwords, I found it odd how split people were about the movie, apparently there’s controversy with its message? I want to look into it more since it makes me curious.

And yeah, that’s pretty much my day today.