It won’t be a big rant, but I do just want to express my frustration regarding my constant mood swings. It’s frustrating to deal with. I’ve been stressed about driving, school, work, etc. I already said this, but recently I’ve felt more down than usual. I think all the bad things are catching up with me… like, all the stress and reality is kinda setting in and now, I can’t keep my mind off of it and my mood is stuck in a gloomy mode. I will probably get better soon… I also feel like I’ve been more bitchy recently, because I started having this idea that I need to act more for myself over others since it feels like they’re all doing the same, so why shouldn’t I, right? And also, I want to stop being such a pushover and act for myself. But I don’t know if what I’m doing is good, I feel like I’m just being more irritating now, since all I do is just act more sassy to others. I don’t like it. Might change it. Anyways, don’t have much more to say, I’ll sleep on it… good night ZZZZZZZ