Yes, I finally did it! I added a mobile layout to my website! It’s not fully complete, but it’s mostly done for the important aspects, like netlogs and the front page! Just uhh… don’t go on the About Me page lol.

Initially, I was sort of against doing this because:

  • I was lazy
  • I thought it would not be able to capture the look and feel of my site properly
  • I was lazy

But after a while (and thanks to the encouragement of my friends who actually use this site thank you so much oh my god seriously), I convinced myself to do it, so after a couple of nights of work, I (mostly) finshed working on it. I will be fixing the rest of the site later on, but for now, I will be publishing it as is, since I finished the primary aspects.

I will be posting another post later tonight, this is not my main post of the day, I just wanted to post this here to like make it official or something haha.