Today, instead of doing random things, I decided to build a schedule for myself (and half-follow it).

I got the idea while talking to J and decided to implement it today. I started by waking up in the morning at around 7pm and having a good breakfast. Then, I finally painted my Guitar Hero controller shell and intermittenly checked on it throughout the day. From there, I went and practiced for my Japanese speaking final, watched some Regular Show, downloaded some psychoanalysis books on my Kindle and read a little, slept for an hour (which was not part of my schedule but good nonetheless) and walked to Goodwill and Target. I didn’t get much from Target, but Goodwill was cool because I bought some graphic novels.

I heard of Maus, so I’m excited to read that, but Laika is a blind buy for me, it looked interesting, so I’m also looking forward to that. After that, I kinda derailed and resorted to just sitting on Discord and talking for hours before sitting here and typing this out now. And I forgot to mention, but I also banned myself from YouTube for today, so that went well, and maybe I should do this more often.

My mood in the past few days has been improving a lot and today really helped as well, so perhaps I should schedule my days more. Only thing is that I didn’t get to drive today, which is a bummer, but it’s okay.

I also messed with my Windows ME desktop more today, and made my setup look like this:

I think it’s pretty cool and I might keep it this way, but I want to change the wallpaper maybe, since I just grabbed it temporarily, but I don’t care too much for Rei. Man, I should try to install the Evangelion games of this era, and try to play them, now that I can sort of read Japanese. Worst case scenario, I can just download fan translations or smth.

Overall, today was a good day though. I am satisfied. Have a good night :)