Today was a pretty alright start for May. Today, I set up Cave Story on my VAIO PC, and it ran perfectly (as expected), so I’m stoked. I also did some more driving, so that went well also. School is finishing in three weeks, so I’m kind of stressed about that, especially English due to the fact that our teacher has put a bunch of different assignments, including our final, into a small timeframe of due dates, so me and many others are not happy about that.

This month, hopefully, also marks a new era of my spending. I’m doing the impossible, the unthinkable… no… it’s….


Yes, I’m starting to budget. College and adulting costs a lot of money, so I’m going to be budgeting more in order to make sure my savings dont stay at a stagnant amount (and definitely not moving lower). I set my budget to 150 dollars this month, which sounds pretty reasonable, but who knows, it’s been a day, and I already spent 8 dollars on a bag of Dot’s Pretzels. I guess I’ll see over the month how this all goes.


I also want to start working on my personal projects more… It’s out of the blue, but I really want to work on some of my older ideas, or at the very least, start doing more art practice again. I’ve been putting that stuff off due to my busy schedule, but perhaps I can somehow make time for it. I had a comic idea (this is getting old, I know) in my backlog, and I abandoned drawing it at page 3… it looks really meh, but I remembered why it was like that. I didn’t care or mind, it was supposed to be a project I made to figure things out for myself and do things for fun, not for others. And I like the idea of it and really want to expand on it, especially after watching Infinity Train, a show with a somewhat similar premise to what I had in mind, so I’m really excited to work on it again, and hopefully, I can get something finished out of it. That’s what matters most… finishing something…

Well, it’s 11pm exactly as of me typing this, so perhaps I should head to bed. Good night :)