Today, I graduate from high school. It’s pretty weird to think about. It feels like life went by really quick, but when I really think about it, man have I been through a lot.

I’m not really sure what else to say. I guess it’s nice that I have more time to myself now instead of at school, since I’m not gonna go to college for a year. I hope to put that time into my own personal projects, like working on my small comic project that I’ve brought up before. I’ve been working on it from time to time, but I struggle to find time in my day to work on it and I also have a hard time working during the day, so I hope to fix my bad habits and use my time wisely.

My Post-It note scheduling has also been going really well, I enjoy my days because I have a goal to work towards now, so I’ve been doing it every day. It really does help to have a plan everyday, although I don’t like the whole planning things out by the minute thing some people do. I want to give myself goals, but not be too strict about them.

The ceremony for the graduation is awfully late, its at like 7pm or something like that, man… Sorry if I sound really jumpy and disjointed in my writing, by the way, I’m rewatching Evangelion with the ADV dub, and my attention is on that more. Rewatching this is my way of celebrating, kind of, since the last time I watched it was either… late 8th grade, or early 9th grade. Man, it’s been ages.

I don’t have much more to say, maybe I will tonight. We’ll see.