It’s been a week since school ended for me. I think. It feels like way more. But I’ve been trying to make that time count in my days.

Working Out

I’ve started doing more exercises and being more conscious about my health recently. I wouldn’t say I’m overweight at all, but I feel like my habits on the computer and my eating habits are not too healthy, so with the start of the summer break, now that I have a lot more time to spare, I’ve started doing some work outs from time to time in my day.

It’s not much, just mainly working on my arms and my core. For instance, I try to make a consious effort to be doing something with my arms when watching a movie or a show, such as using a hand grip strengthener, or lifting some small weights. And whenever I feel like it, I’ll try to spend 10 minutes or so doing some small exercises with a thin fold out mattress on the floor, since I don’t actually own an exercise mat (maybe I should buy one).

I’m not really looking to become extremely fit and build up a 27-pack, but I want to make myself more conscious about my health, and I want to be a little bit more fit, and not stay a fragile twig.

The Comic

I always talk about it, but I’ve never said anything about it, and I still won’t. I’ve been having a hard time getting myself to work on it during the day, or just in general recently. I think it’s that I’ve been struggling to keep myself away from distractions. Even though it is break, I need to make myself more productive, so I’m thinking of setting a more strict schedule in the day, or maybe setting a stop watch during my comic work time so that I don’t let myself get distracted. However, I also need to work on actually getting started on work, so I think that’s where I will start.

I lied, here's a panel.

Watching Movies and Anime

Recently, with my time, I’ve also been using it to watch more shows and some movies too. This sounds like a bad thing, but I don’t want to force myself off movies and shows, since I find them important for me finding inspiration for my writing and art. And it’s not like I am addicted to them, not at all. If there was an addiction issue to fix, it would be YouTube, so I’m not concerned about movies and shows at all.

Recently, I finished rewatching NEON GENESIS EVANGELION after not watching it for 4-5 years, I think. Man. I watched it dubbed (ADV dub) this time, and… IDK, it’s fine. Both the show and the dub. I don’t care for the dub much at all, but damn, Tristan MacAvery did a really good job as Gendo, in my opinion. Everyone else is okay to mid, I just don’t care for the dub, and don’t understand why it’s so loved, besides maybe nostalgia. As for the show itself, I think I’ve overpraised it the past few years. It’s a good show, but certainly not peak. I’ve never really liked the show as much as its finale movie, End of Evangelion, though, and I still hold that movie to a very high regard, even after watching the show. I will be watching Death and Rebirth, along with EoE, dubbed soon, so I hope that will be a good experience.

I’ve also started watching Dragon Ball. It’s fine too, it’s a lot different from the Dragon Ball I hear people talk about nowadays, and honestly, I don’t care too much for it so far, I’m about 12 episodes in as of writing. I wish I could just start with DBZ and get along with things, rather than needing to watch 150+ episodes to get context. I hope DB gets better.


I’m bored. So so so so bored. I’ve been trying to fill my time up by doing productive things more, but I still have this feeling of monotony in my day, I’m just going with the schedule, staying at home, doing nothing… I do go on walks to go to Goodwill, but it’s still not very fulfilling. I hope this feeling goes away, or I find more things to do for myself.


It’s going okay. I still kinda have remnant feelings of that last post I made, and I listed my boredom issues and stuff… But I don’t feel entirely terrible. I’m just doing… okay.