Sorry for lying about posting yesterday, I was too tired lol.

My weekend

This weekend was pretty good, I made progress on a few things, like exercising, comic stuff, etc. I also had some fun doing some random things. I set up Tears of the Kingdom on my Steam Deck, so I’m looking forward to enjoying that after I beat Persona 5 Royal eventually. I also finished painting my Guitar Hero guitar, and I also finally bought the parts needed to make the controller work on Clone Hero. Originally, I was going to make this post about the painting, but I decided to hold it off for when I fully complete the guitar.

Bloxxin’ out

Today, I decided to join in a little game of Roblox with my friend, realjame (check out his website at We didn’t play for long, but we had fun. Here’s some pictures of us.

TIP: Click on the images to expand them if they’re too small!

Here's a picture of me testing realjame's work in progress farming game :)

After that, I did my own thing on Novetus, and explored a lot, but I only took 1 screenshot haha.

Welcome to Kentuci fried chicken

Going back and looking at all those old maps I used to play on Roblox really sent me back, it was really cool.

Fullmetal Alchemist

Today, I also finally finished watching the original Fullmetal Alchemist anime. I’ve watched Brotherhood prior several times, so my reaction to this show overall is that I really like it! It’s good and really subverted my expectations. I personally like Brotherhood more since it felt more grand and epic. Not to mention, the end was cool in OG FMA, but Brotherhood’s ending was more cohesive and cool to me, although to be fair, I still have yet to watch the movies. I will get to that soon. I like how some of the characters that were pushed as single-use characters in Brotherhood were used more here, or some characters were used less, and even completely new characters. It was nice, and I really like how they used them.

I also like the logic changes, I don’t think one show is better than the other in this regard, I think they are equally good, but FMA’s treatment of topics like how the Homunculi are created, how equivalent exchange works, etc. are unique and made interesting to me again instead of repeating what Brotherhood did, so I appreciate that.

Overall, a great show. I think Brotherhood is better, but this definitely shouldn’t be shoved off, and stands its own ground very well.

Yes I used a Brotherhood GIF for this lol sorry

Working out

I’ve also begun to try to work out more. Not necessarily like a very strict thing for myself, but rather trying to make myself more conscious of when I’m doing nothing. When I’m watching a show or YouTube, I try to lift weights now, and when I’m bored, I get off my PC and work my core out. I hope I can maintain that habit… It would be nice to be a little more fit. I’m not obese by any means, but I’m not strong at all. I’ve got the strength of a twig.


I could go on and on about small things, but this post is already getting bloated, so I’ll leave it at that. I hope I can keep my mood lifted and my spirits up. And I hope whoever reads this does the same too. Have a good night :)