I got bored this morning and decided to redo the mod quickly. My main issue with it was that the big bulky wires I used were not that great, and I recently bought some thin 32AWG wire from Adafruit, so I thought it would be nice to redo it.

I basically followed the same steps from the original mod, though this time I did wire the data lines (but it ended up not working :/ oh well).

I would have gotten pictures, had my dumbass not forgot to PUT AN SD CARD IN THE CAMERA WHEN I TOOK THE PICTURES. Oh well, it’s not drastically different. One thing I still don’t like is the tight fit of everything inside. I’m not sure if it’s the breakout board or the hot glue, but the fit inside is SUPER tight and the board actually has a very tiny bend to it, which irks me a lot. It still works, and it goes back together, but I’m not sure if the bend is good, I want to see if I can fix it, but if it works, then I won’t waste my time even more on this. It charges and works, so yeah.

Got to play some Lumines today, great game, please buy it!!! :D