It’s been a little bit since I wrote, I sadly missed the first day of June… What have I been up to?

Across the Spider-Verse

Yesterday, I watched Across the Spider-verse, and it was really good! Really, really good! I won’t be talking about it in this post, I want to write a separate post to compile my thoughts in, so I’ll link it right here for you to check out (watch out for spoilers) :)

Imports from Japan and ZenMarket

Recently, I’ve decided to put some money into ZenMarket to buy some stuff as a treat for myself for graduating in a way, about ¥30000. I used that money to buy an Asuka figure and the final Evangelion Rebuild Blu-Ray to build up my collection.

Originally, I wanted to buy the Japanese Evangelion Blu-Ray set with the clear blue plastic case, but I decided not to in the end. I plan on buying it eventually, since I already own a good basic Blu-Ray set, but I just want it so I have a nice set to show off in my collection that’s not the American Blu-Ray set, since I don’t really like the design of it much at all. But I’ll see what I feel like doing in the future. For now, I will wait on it.

I hope to receive my ZenMarket items soon… So far, their service has been pretty good, I’ve just been waiting for the items I ordered to arrive at their warehouse.


My thrift finds in the past few days have been really, REALLY good. I found these in 2 days and paid probably around 40-50 dollars more or less in total for all this.

Some of the discs, like the Totoro Laserdisc and Mario Party 4, are heavily scratched, but I bought them anyways because they were like 3 dollars each, so it’s fine.

I’ve been thrifting way often now, since the Goodwill I go to is walking distance from my house, so I’ve been making efforts to walk there everyday to try to just get out of the house and find stuff. It’s been working really well, since I… well, found all this. So I’m happy about that.

Dragon Ball

Last time I talked about Dragon Ball, I said it was kind of mid, but I’m about to finish the Tenkaichi Budokai saga as I’m writing this, and well… it’s a lot better now! Much better than the Pilaf Saga. I actually am excited to watch Dragon Ball now. I don’t have much to say besides that, but apparently Red Ribbon Army saga is really good, so I’m excited for that.


Yeah, I’ve been doing fine. Not much is going on at the moment for me.