Forgot to make this post. Whoops.

Got a bunch of stuff a few days ago, added up to a total of about 124 dollars :((((

Mainly just bought to resell some stuff so I can afford a PS Vita, but I also bought the Dreamcast for realjame, I actually just shipped it out earlier, so J, if you’re reading this, you’re welcome and you better make a post about this on your site haha.

But yeah, I wanted to buy a PS Vita, so I’ve been buying stuff to resell, which has been my little side thing to get more money for ages. There’s a whole bunch of stigma around resellers, specifically video game resellers, who I do not sympathize with. However, I don’t really mind other resellers, since some of them can actually be really chill, but there are some who ruin it for everyone.

Anyways yeah, have a good day, and fuck video game scalpers and overpriced resellers :D