Yesterday, I went to Goodwill and I found some pretty cool stuff!

I got some small stuff, like another PS2 DDR game for my collection, but most of what I got is music. I did get one CD, Travelling without Moving by Jamiroquai, so I’m really happy about that, but the biggest part of my find yesterday was finding a few D&B vinyls.

Initially, I didn’t look at the vinyls because 99% of the time, I never find anything. But when I came back to the DVD section where the vinyls were to check other stuff, I notice a guy looking through a bin and digging out some vinyls with the Good Looking Records logo on it, and my heart immedaitely sunk. In the end, the guy (who might I add was a reseller (I could tell by the fact he was looking up prices on his phone (yes i kinda stalked him (grahhhh sorry ill continue)))) took some of the ones I really eyed out, leaving me with the scraps. Out of said scraps, I picked up these albums.

I’ve heard of some of the names and labels like Makoto and Metalheadz, so those were nice to find, but I also got some vinyls with cool covers on them. I’ve never heard of them before, but they were 3 bucks and looked sick, so I got them. However, it turns out the turntable in my garage no longer works the day I needed to use it, so I can’t actually listen to the vinyls. For now, they will be in my collection collecting dust. Now here’s the kicker…

I don’t like vinyl.

Yeah, I don’t really care for vinyl. It’s mainly the price of the medium compared to CDs, like DAMN vinyls are so expensive compared to CDs. And IMO, they don’t even sound better. The difference to me is so insignificant that paying like 20-30 dollars for a vinyl vs 10-15 over a CD is not worth it. Not to mention, CDs are smaller, so they’re easier to store. Take that, vinyl losersssssss B)

I don’t hate vinyl that much, but yeah. However, if I found stuff I really love on vinyl, I’d still get it. However, preferably, I’d want it on CD.