In the past week, my family has been having stomach flu, and now it is finally my turn to hear the burden as well. I feel terrible, like my stomach is gonna blow up, aaggghhhhh…. As I’m typing, I’m in bed on my phone in fetal position, clenching my stomach in pain, but when I upload this, I’ll be on my computer chair in fetal position clenching my stomach in pain.

With nothing to do but to try to relax and get through it, I may as well talk about my week.

Buying new stuff

I got myself some new stuff, like these Yotsuba books that are in Japanese from Goodwill for 3 dollars each and The Batman 4K Blu-Ray.

I bought the Yotsuba manga because when I was still in school, I was studying Japanese and, funilly enough, my teacher had me read the first chapter of Yotsuba in Japanese one day, and I actually liked it, so when I saw this on the bookshelf, I thought it would be fun to read it all in Japanese since the text is at about my level and it gives myself a proper excuse to study over the summer.

As for The Batman Blu-Ray, it was 10 dollars on Amazon, which was good enough of a deal for me to cop it. I do like this movie a decent bit, so I’m happy to have it in my growing collection of 4K Blu-Rays. It makes my shelf look more like a proper collection than a mess of random garbage haha.

Update on my ZenMarket haul

Right now, they are STILL packing my order, it’s been almost a week now. The issue is that I initially set my shipping method as FedEx, but apparently for disc media, they require a “video declaration form” in order for it to get through customs, and I didn’t want to deal with that hassle, so I switched it to DHL, and I think that’s why it’s talking so long, but who knows. Man, I just want my cool stuff already…

Well, that’s about it for now. I’m still in bed, suffering and wriggling around in pain. I hope this passes soon.