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This will probably the last post of this month, so to make the best of it, I want to make a “catching up” sort of post, just talking about my life so far. Got some big things going on recently, so I’ll start with the important stuff, like employment

Leaving my job

As of writing this post, I am no longer employed (unless you count eBay as a job). July 27th was my last day. Since I’m moving next month (which I’ll talk about later), I left my job to give myself time to prepare for the move and, of course, to move, since well, I can’t really fly to Arizona every time I need to go to work.

I don’t really know if it’s like… safe for me to say where I worked online? So I’ll just keep that detail out. But I’ve been working here for like a year and a half now, and I gotta say, it really wasn’t that bad. I almost went to work for Target, but they turned me down, and in retrospect, I’m glad. This job was my first, and I learned a lot of valuable lessons from it, met a lot of people, it was kind of sad for me to leave, which it shouldn’t be since it’s my job, but well I kinda liked working there. It wasn’t perfect, sure, but it could’ve been way worse.

Also, one of my managers gave me his DS Lite right before he left. Not actually as like a last-day gift, but just because we were talking about it yesterday. He told me he found it in a drawer and it was in there for almost a decade, and I was gonna lend him a charger, but he just said that I could keep it since he thought I’d get more use out of it.

Top of red DS Lite. Has some fingerprints.

While covered in fingerprints, I don't see any scratches...

Inside of red DS Lite. Screen is slightly dirty.

Screen's kinda dirty, but that's it.

Bottom of red DS Lite. Incredibly mint condition.

So minty fresh, the back is still a matte texture and not glossy from use. Woah!

I also got to say goodbye to my other manager friend (the guy who went with me to all those stores in this post), though it might not be the last time I see anyone, honestly. I will visit that store a couple of times since it’s RIGHT NEXT DOOR to the Goodwill I frequent, so I’ll pop in a few times before I move.

But yeah, for now, eBay is my job before I move and get another job.


I will be moving back to Washington in about a month or so from now. And honestly, I feel kinda… weird about it?

It’s not like I’m not excited to move back, but I have this kind of paranoia in the back of my head about it, such as “Well, what if this isn’t worth it?” and all that. If I’m gonna be completely honest, a big part of me going back is also seeing my old friends again. But I already made new friends here, so I feel bad about leaving those behind. It’s a terrible idea to move with that sort of thing being a major motivation, but I do feel like I will be happier that way. However, I have this fear that maybe things won’t go well and I won’t be able to talk to my friends much anyways, because of life, school, moving on, whatver. It’s kinda scary honestly, and it’s making me antsy about the whole move.

And in general… I don’t really like the “moving” part of it. Dealing with the stress of adjusting to a new place, moving all the stuff in, it sucks. I have the advantage of knowing everything about the state and whatever, so that helps a lot, but honestly, I’ve associated moving with just a negative experience, so now I just hate it. But I am excited to live in Washington again for other reasons too.

The environment and weather is a big part as well. I LOVE the Washington environment. The beautiful greenery and hilly terrain that I grew up with contrasts the plain tan color of the flat desert I’ve been living in for a few years now. It just feels like there’s much more to do there, much more going on, then in Arizona. And that, I’m excited for.

I’m also excited for the new potential house as well. My family wants to lock in on a 4-acre property and build a new house there. The old house, however, is small, old, and humble. I really, really like it. Especially the basement. After living for years in one-story houses, I can finally have multiple floors in a house!!!! The basement will be awesome to use as a hangout and chill center, which is what me and my parents have been proposing to use it as. But we’ll see what happens when we move.

Monsoon season

The monsoons haven’t really kicked in the past while, but a couple nights ago, a huge but brief one came about. This is honestly my favorite part of Arizona: when the storms hit, THEY HIT.

I’ve always liked storms. I think what it is is that when I’m inside in a storm, I get to watch the chaos unfold in peace and observe nature do its thing. It’s very nice and… calming, actually. Though there were some minor inconveniences.

Towels sucking up water from the ground by my door

Yeah, the power went out, and also we had a nice giant lil’ puddle form by our door. Oopsies.

In the morning, all the clocks needed to be set again, so that was annoying, and something in our Google Home mesh network fucked up, so now Wi-Fi doesn’t work properly, which isn’t a huge problem for me, since I use primarily wired devices, but for the rest of my family, it’s the end of the world, so I had to sort of fix that. Besides that though, very fun storm. Glad to see one more of these brief monsoons before I left Arizona.


I’m finishing writing this up at 12am of the 28th. I’m really tired right now, so all I’ll say is that yeah, I’m doing okay. A lot is going on though. I’m still working on those comics as well, I’m almost done with Chapter 2, so now I need to work on drafting Chapter 3, and the second that’s done, it’s going up. May be experimenting with some other stuff too here and there. Won’t say anything until I have something concrete.

Well… that’s it.