In the past two weeks, I’ve bought some new shoes and a backpack. I’ve been trying to make my fashion match what I like and overall just look better and more presentable instead of being super casual and lazy about my clothes.

A week ago, I got a Jansport Superbreak Plus backpack for 40 dollars. I saw this recommened a lot online, and it was small, but big enough to fit what I wanted to, so I bought it, and yeah, it’s pretty great! I put all my silly pins on it too, and hopefully this will be their permanant place, since I was having a hard time finding a good place to put them.

My backpack with all my pins on it.

And just today, my new Chuck Taylors arrived in the mail. I ordered full black instead of the classic colors because I thought black would be cooler. Here’s a picture of them with me wearing some cargo pants. I feel like the look is slightly off from what I want, but it’s getting there, so I’m happy about that.

Me in my new black Chuck Taylors and wearing cargo pants.