For Prime Day, I bought the Linsoul 7Hz Salnotes Zero earphones. That’s sort of a mouthful, but yeah.

Before this, I had a pair of Moondrop Chus, which I liked a lot, but broke after a year of me abusing them at school by shoving them in my pockets, waving them around, etc. They were really good for their price though, right now they’re 22 dollars on Amazon. But after they broke, I wanted to try something new just because. So I bought these earbuds. They’re about the same price as the Chus, at 20-25ish dollars depending on if you get one with or without a mic, or with USB-C.


The box (still sealed)

The box (now unboxed), revealing the buds

The box is kinda basic, not as neat as the Moondrop Chu box, but it does the job. When we open it, we get to see the buds themselves, which look pretty cool in my opinion. I like the design of this slightly more than the Chus. The ear tips, however…

The buds with the gross red tips and the cable in the box

The box, with disgustingly colored tips inside

They look bad. I don’t like the colorful tips, to be honest, they just look tacky compared to the design of the buds. It’s nice for differentiating the tip sizes, but I wish we just got plain black tips too.

The build.

The metal look on the buds looks nice and sorta stylish, so I’ll take that over the Chus. They also feel a bit more comfortable to use. Actually, when I first got these buds, I plugged the buds into the wire backwards and was wondering why they felt so uncomfortable. I realized two days later that I plugged the buds in the wrong way. So yeah.

You may have also noticed the wire detached from the buds. One nice feature about these buds is that the wire isn’t actually built in, but rather, it uses two pins to connect to each bud. This is nice because I don’t have to worry as much about breaking the buds anymore, since if the wire breaks, you can just buy a new one and use your buds again, unlike the Chu’s attached wire, which was why I stopped using them.

The sound.

I like my music to be high quality, and I can sorta tell, but not enough to give an in-depth review of the buds. I can’t really compare them to the Chus either since it’s been a while since I’ve had those. But overall, the sound is pretty great. I think if I had to say what’s different, I think the mids are better on these buds, but I’m not too sure. All around, it sounds more even than the Chus, which isn’t necessarily a good or bad thing, just more your preference. I sort of liked the Chus a bit more because they were more fun to listen to, but I still really like these and I recommend them over the Chus simply because of the cable.


They’re pretty good in terms of the build, though I like the sound of the Chus more. For 20 dollars, the quality is great and I do recommend these if you want some good cool buds. If you prefer quality of sound over build, I’d get the Chus. If we had Chus with detachable cables, those would be my go-to… I wish.