Meme that reads 'THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS'

It’s been a while since I’ve posted. Almost two weeks, I believe. What’s been going on with me?

Website overhaul

I kept bringing up in the past several posts that I was working on an overhauled version of the site, and that still applies. I am working on it, I actually have it mostly done, like 90-95% done, I’m just putting a bunch of work into smaller parts of the site because I’m silly like that :)

But seriously though, it’s almost done, I just really want to get some things down well before I upload it. That is mostly why I haven’t posted much in a while.

Migrating from GitHub Pages

Another reason I haven’t updated this in a while is because I also finally made the move to a proper VPS to host my website rather than using GitHub Pages to host my site. It was sort of annoying, but thanks to my pal, realjame, he helped me set up the VPS, so now it’s working all fine and dandy. I even got new domains for the site as well, so you can visit it using as well!

However, because of the move, my workflow needs to be adjusted, so that’s another reason why it’s taking a while for me to do anything with this site. Hopefully once I get it down, things will go faster.

Catching up on life

Life is okay, so far. I am now two weeks into moving into Washington again, and I’m getting more used to things now. At first, I was having some trouble adjusting, and my mood was just kind of down for a while, and I still sort of feel like that, but I’ve been getting more things set up in my house, and my room is nice, though I will be moving it from the basement up a floor to another room due to my family trying to adjust things to be better. My dad is doing some remodeling work in the basement and adding another room, so that’s gonna be nice.

As for Washington itself though, I do like the environment, but I’m having trouble adjusting to the weather, it is COLD. Gone are the days of T-shirts and shorts. In Arizona, I could even get away with that fit in the winter, and now it’s turning to autumn in Washington, and I already need to wear sweatpants, and I need more pairs of sweatpants too since I only have like two pairs.


So yeah, things are alright, but with the site, I just need even more time before I can call it good and upload it. But I hope to make more posts more often in the coming future.