Good song, please listen to it :) Onto the post…

Well, I was going to write about the PS Vita and the PSVSD adapter for the Vita 1100 models, but it’s kinda taking a REALLY DAMN LONG TIME.

A screenshot of the shipping status, saying that it's currently in Silao, Mexico since September 18th.

I am going to cry

My Amazon Prime brainrot has made me unable to bear shipping longer than 3 days, so I’m kinda seething right now, but it’s okay. I didn’t want to leave this site for too long, so I wanted to write about my life again, just catch up on what I’m doing at the moment.

Adjusting to my new life in Washington

At this point, it’s about to be one month since I’ve moved, and it’s been kinda weird, and rough at times, but at this point I think I feel pretty used to being here again now.

I’ve seen several of my old friends, still seeing some old ones and rekindling friendships that I’ve sort of abandoned, and it’s been kind of nice. Part of me still feels conflicted about leaving my friends in Arizona behind since I formed genuine bonds with them, but thanks to my family members needing to fly over there for business, I will be able to hop on with them occasionally and visit. And now that I can drive and do my own thing and be an adult and all that, it will be a lot easier to do so, so I don’t feel too bad about it. And in the end, I moved here because I knew I would enjoy it more, so I consciouisly made that choice, and I think (at least, right now), I made the right choice.

Getting a job

I’ve been looking into trying to get some jobs in the IT field, mainly for more pay, but also to make my resume look good and to get into the field I want to be in and all that. But as it turns out, when you’re fresh out of high school and have no certifications and no college behind your back at all, maybe employers DON’T want you. So instead, I’m just gonna suck it up and work somewhere smaller for the time being to get my work experience up, and in the meantime, try to improve my skills and work towards getting some sort of certification, such as the CompTIA A+, so that I can get a good IT job in the future.

Working on grit and me as a person

Now that I’m out of school and don’t have a job, I’m kind of just rotting in my bedroom doing nothing with my life. So instead of doing nothing, I’m now doing slightly more things, but mostly doing nothing.

I started using Google Tasks to give myself reminders and sort of make a loose schedule throughout my day of tasks I need to do. For example, now that I’m out of school and no longer taking Japanese classes, I need to do my own self study, and so I’ve implemented flash cards into my learning, but I always forget to do them. So now, I have a reminder on my phone to tell me to do them every night, and as long as I stick to that regimen and DON’T BREAK OUT OF IT, this Tasks thing might work pretty well for everything else. Using that, alongside the Post-It-note method of getting myself to do tasks has been decently effective in making me do stuff with my day.

I’ve also been using it to work on my projects as well, such as my comic (YES I’M STILL WORKING ON IT, I JUST WORK EXTREMELY SLOW, IT’S A TRAINING PROCESS I SWEAR IM FINISHING IT) and… ironically enough, NOT my website, though I should do that, I want to make it a goal to write here at least once a week.

Tasks aside, I’ve also been trying to work out a bit more. Nothing crazy or anything, just doing small exercises throughout my day, like stretching, or doing like push-ups and sit-ups and stuff. Just to get a little more activity in my day, although I DO want to increase it and make it a bigger part of my day and be more active, since I will be the least active I’ve ever been.

A GIF of Mob from Mob Psycho 100 running and dying.

Regarding the website

So now that I’m mostly done with the redesign… now what?

Well, I’ll probably continue to work on adding stuff to this site. Now that I’ve made a new design for it that I’m really proud of and feels much more rounded (literally) and complete, I feel more compelled to expand on it, so I might work on things, like completing the pages I didn’t finish (hey, maybe I should add that to my Tasks list!) or adding more visual touch ups. I had some fun ideas, like making a TV sprite to add to posts every time I want to put a video in them, or making stylized elements to spice up the aesthetic of the posts a bit. But I guess we’ll see if I’m motivated to actually go along with that.

The end

Well, that’s kinda it from me. Guess I’ll leave it at that and sign off here. Good night.