It’s currently the first day of October (as of writing this). I’m trying something new with this post and using text to speech instead of just conventional typing so I hope I don’t make any major grammatical errors or anything, I’ll try to proofread this when I get the chance (hi past me :D).

Compared to the past several days here, where it’s been gloomy and rainy (even though I do like the rain), today was really sunny, as it hopefully shows in the photo.

A park with some trees and grass.

My mood

In terms of how I’ve been feeling overall, I haven’t been really doing super excellent for the past couple weeks, mainly because I just been low on motivation, busy with tasks, getting my life together, getting a good job, thinking about school, etc.

But today is the start of a new month, so hopefully I can get my motivation up and make today the starting point of something better.

It’s kind of weird talking and doing text to speech like this it feels so weird and unconventional because I’ve never done this before, but hopefully doing things this way will get my inflections and what I’m trying to say more accurately.


I feel like one part of my problem with my motivation is that a lot of the tasks that I’m currently working on right now are very long-term and they don’t produce results in a short time, so it’s very hard for me to keep doing what I’m doing and yielding no immediate results. But hopefully, if I just keep telling myself that things will change, then perhaps I will begin to see results in the future.

I think one part that’s causing my current slump right now is that a lot of my friends have started college now and meanwhile, I sort of feel left behind. I do have friends that are taking gap years, I just still feel left behind anyways, but whatever I guess.

Updates on random things

Just wanna give some smaller updates on some things going on:

PSVSD adapter shipping

I guess the first small update that I have is that the PSVSD is still not here yet, but it is making progress in shipping. I’ve been checking it every day, and tracking currently says that it’s cleared customs and it’s getting shipped over the border to here, so that’s really exciting. I hope it gets here soon, instead of having to wait more for it to slug its way through the post office.

Home server

The second small update that I have is that I sold the parts (or at least some of the parts) from my now old home server and hopefully, once I get a job soon, I’ll be able to afford to get the new parts I want. But in the meantime, I’ve plugged all of my hard drives into an external hard drive bay and plugged all that into a Raspberry Pi 3 that I had lying around, and so far, it’s actually… pretty terrible. It’s not that great, but you know, I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised, since it’s running through USB 2, but it is what it is and it functions about as well as I need it to for now.

A hard drive bay with 2 hard drives in it plugged into a Raspberry Pi 3 with a black case.

Rate my setup B)


Yeah, that’s kinda the end for now, I don’t have much else to say, but I’ll try to do more stuff with my life so that I can make more posts about it lol. Have a spooky October :)