I’m probably gonna post this the next day instead of tonight, so as of writing, it’s currently October 20th.

The bad

Today was kind of an annoying day, and my head is kind of killing me right now, but some good things happened first, mainly me getting the motherboard for my server.

The board inside my PC.

Here's the board installed in my server :)

It’s a nice little board, higher quality than I expected it to be, considering it’s from AliExpress. I’m not really sure what to expect from items on there in terms of quality because I always hear bad stuff about it, but hey, maybe they do have some good things on there.

So once I got it, I used an old case I had lying around to assemble the whole thing, and eventually I got it turned on and it worked just fine. I had to reinstall Debian on my SSD because it wouldn’t boot from the old partition for some reason, but after that, it was booted and I could get my server set up.

…Small problem, though.

This motherboard doesn’t have Wi-Fi, which is a big problem for me because my house doesn’t have Ethernet jacks around, so the only way for me to get internet on my devices for the time being is through Wi-Fi. “No problem, I’ll just use ICS on Windows to route my PC’s Wi-Fi to the server!”, I thought. I tried and TRIED to get it to work and it just wouldn’t.

So after thinking about it for a bit, I got the idea to try to do the same thing, but with my Raspberry Pi, since I figured maybe it would work differently somehow. And maybe it would IF I GOT IT TO WORK. Apparently it’s not a very easy task to just set up a Wi-Fi bridge on a Raspberry Pi, and I still haven’t really figured it out.

On top of that, I also decided to message the seller for the PSVSD, since at this point it has been over 36 days since it shipped out and it’s nowhere to be seen. I know that the shipping does take a while for it, but I saw reviews talking about how it got to Italy or some other country in Europe in around 30 days, so I don’t see why it’s taking longer to arrive at my house, which is on THE SAME CONTINENT. So at this point, I kind of gave up on it and now I’m trying to see if the seller can ship me a new one or refund me. I think it would be more worthwhile if I just manufacture one myself with PCBWay or something at this point, because I genuinely do not want to wait another 30 days for this. Once I get my server configured, I’m probably just gonna order an SD2Vita as a temporary substitude so I can actually use my Vita.

So right now, I’m a little frustrated now and I’m ending the day off with a headache and kind of a bad note.

I did do some cool stuff earlier in my week though.

The good

I went to a sushi place called Kura Sushi in Bellevue with a friend and got this Gojo… thing. They have these capsule machines that dispense a capsule when you insert 15 sushi plates into a slot, so that’s really cool.

A little Gojo sitting on a sushi plate on top of a capsule container.

Daddy's home

It was surprisingly advanced when it came to what was in the restaurant. They had these yellow robots that went around, mainly for drinks, but also for carrying small trays as well.

A picture of the tall yellow robots in the corner.

The robots did a… mostly good job? I remember it carrying plastic cups with drinks in them fine, but when it came to it carrying tea in yunomi (they were these Japanese tea cups that were like a few inches tall), I kinda laughed at the fact that every time it moved, it would spill a bunch of tea everywhere and leave a mess on the floor. And it wasn’t a one time thing, it just always had a hard time dealing with those cups.

But besides that, the conveyor part was really cool too, and when you didn’t want to just get what was on the sushi belt, you could order something on the menu and it would zoom to your table on a belt above. So overall, it was really fun, but I forgot how much food we got and ended up spending a bunch… oops.

Umihara Kawase

I also started getting into a game after finding a video on Mastodon:

And I thought, “Damn! This music is really good! I hope I can find it somewhere online…”

So I dug around and found it from the OST of a game called “Umihara Kawase Shun”. It’s a low-budget PS1 platformer that has a really interesting style and its gameplay mechanic is that you have a fishing line you use to swing around platforms and make your way through levels. It’s really fun, but I want to write a seperate post about it in the future, as to not keep making one post for a million different things, since I’ve formed a bad habit of doing that.

Anyways yeah, as of writing this right now, it is currently the morning of October 21st, and my headache is gone, so I now feel a bit more motivated to work on stuff. I made a Post-it note list of everything I need to do and I’m gonna do my best to stay off YouTube.

Thank you for reading.