It’s been a second since I’ve wrote here, and I’ve been thinking a bit about my mood a bit, and how a lot of what I’ve written is more negative than positive. I kinda uh… don’t want to be like that much.

I’m not gonna be like crazy positive or whatever, but I really hate that the site has turned from a shitposting fun place for me into a broody diary for me to complain about all my problems, and that’s not what I want it to be!!! I wanna be happy, and an example for myself in the future and for whoever reads this, so I’ve decided to try to work towards being more positive and writing more about things I had fun doing. I will probably try to write something for Halloween, even though I’m not doing anything then, but I do wanna make an event post, so I’ll think of something, I’ve got a few days, so I’ll brainstorm something cool.

But yeah, anyways I hope whoever reads this keeps reading my blog more and hasn’t been annoyed by all the negativity going on.

Konata being so silly

P.S. I just got an SD2Vita in the mail for my Vita, so keep an eye out for a post about that maybe????