Today, I went into Seattle to walk around and explore a bit.

It was kinda nice, I walked around University Village and I walked out to get to Pink Gorilla Games. It took about like 20-25 minutes to walk there though, but the route there was actually very nice and pretty.

A nice crossroad in a park with lots of greenery around.

A picture of the street taken on a bridge above the road.

A straight path foward surrounded with trees and bushes.

At Pink Gorilla

When I got to Pink Gorilla, I sorta took my time inside, looking through all the PS2, PSP, and Vita games. In the end, while there were games I was interested in, they weren’t top priority for me, and I didn’t wanna spend too much money, but one game did make me interested. It was sealed and 30 bucks, which for a Vita game, doesn’t sound bad at all, so I bought it.

That game was…

Lumines: Electronic Symphony

Me holding a sealed copy of Lumines: Electrony Symphony for the PS Vita.

I’ve never played this game before, but I am in LOVE with Lumines on the PSP, so I imagine this game must be pretty similar. And also, I wanted to try to go into something blind, so this felt like a good choice to try. I don’t think I’ll open it, since I can just load the file for it on my Vita using my PSVSD. Speaking of which, my PSVSD IS STILL NOT HERE!!!!!

Give it up for DAY 20!!!!!

Oh, well. Patience is a virtue, I guess, so I’ll try to not think about it too much. I just wish I could use my Vita…

That’s all for today. I’ll probably spend the rest of the day on YouTube or working on my small comic. I’ll see.