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Well, for starters, my PSVSD FINALLY ARRIVED TODAY, but I wrote a post about it already, so check it out here!

Besides that though, I guess it’s good to reflect on the previous month.


I made a promise a couple of posts ago that I would try to have a more positive outlook on things instead of writing about negative posts all the time, and I think that progress is starting to show, since I finally made a post that’s not talking about my life for the first time in a bit. And right now, I just feel happy in general, since I’m occupying myself with new projects and stuff to do.

Working on projects

Despite my changing mood over the month, I have been making more of an effort to work on my personal projects, and so far, it’s been working surprisingly well. Rather than force myself to work every single day, I work as much as I can and feel like every day, and occasionally take a break. I hope that this makes it less likely for me to experience burn out and keeps me more motivated than before, since the motivation is self-driven rather than forced, if that makes sense.


I’ve gotten a lot more into gaming and collecting in the past month, probably because I don’t have anything to do right now, but it’s given me more motivation to clear games in my backlog that I didn’t finish before. For example, I finally 100% completed all the achievements for Persona 5 Royal on Steam, and also beat Spider-Man Remastered, and now I plan to play either NieR: Automata or Resident Evil 2. Along with that, I’ve been getting more into trying other consoles and console modding, like the Vita, and my next project, an Xbox 360 Slim I had lying around, so I will make a post on me doing an RGH mod for it once I finish that.


It’s been a pretty alright month. It started kinda bad, but things are looking good for the future as of now, so I can’t wait to see what awaits.

Once again, thank you for reading. Have a great day :)

BAIIIII!!!!!!! :3