It finally happened. After 48 days, the PSVSD finally arrived today.

A screenshot of my PSVSD shipping status, marked as delivered after 48 days.

It came when I didn’t really expect it to. I was working on some other random thing when my mom called me and said I had a package, and that she had to give a signature for it. I was a little confused why she called me up at first since she didn’t tell me why, but she showed me the package and I just was kinda shocked. I kinda thought it just wasn’t gonna arrive. And I know the shipping is supposed to take a long time, but 48 days is A LOT OF TIME.

Regardless, it was finally in my hands.

The PSVSD in a bag.

It was so nice seeing this in my hands now. But now that I had it, I needed to start modding the Vita. So I prepared by taking out my SD2Vita, which only lasted me 4 days… It did well while it lasted.

Out with the old, in with the new.

After I took my SD2Vita out, I flipped the console over and unscrewed all the screw on the body, and popped the back off of it.

Naked photos of the Vita.

After that, it was a pretty straightforward installation. It was just a matter of removing all the old antenna cables, popping off the plastic piece covering the 3G module, unscrewing it, and it came out with no problem.

The slot with no module in it. Kinda nifty.

Now I just pop my SD card out of my SD2vita, and into the PSVSD module, slide that in, and…

Pretty neat!

And that’s the whole mod! …Well, at least, the hardware side of it. I still had to do the software modifications as well. Before getting to the software, I had a bit of a panic because the system wouldn’t turn on, but after some troubleshooting, I figured out that I needed to plug the charger in to boot it up, so once I figured that out, it was alive!

I had to reset the time because I unplugged the battery, but that’s alright.

From there, I had to mess around with installing stuff, and I actually did need to use my SD2Vita again to transfer some files and install them, since the Vita wasn’t at the point of setting up the PSVSD yet, so I guess it was a good thing I got it. But in the end, I got it all set up!

Ready to game!

Overall, the set up was decently straightfoward, and I’m really happy to finally have what I would call the definitive PS Vita. And now, I’m installing some games on it to play, so I can’t wait to start using it.