Writing this in bed on the 28th, probably will post tomorrow. Just gonna write a short thing, since I don’t have a lot to say, just wanna write and talk about stuff.

Ranting about my job again

I love and hate the feeling of coming home from work at the same time. Love it since I finally get to relax, but hate it because I know it’s only temporary. My job has been really taxing since, well, forever. Since no one actually ever checks this blog, I’ll just say it, I work at the food court at a certain warehouse store that’s pretty big, starts with a C and ends with ostco.

The food court SUCKS, I don’t think the work itself is bad, but I feel like I’m depended on way too much. I come home every night feeling drained, and I have to deal with that 5 times a week. It’s been getting better but… to me, the damage is already done, so I wanna try to transfer to another department or something, but I just don’t know where to go. I’ve heard stocking is good, especially night stocking, so perhaps I will nag some people about that. But yeah I don’t know, my job sucks.

It’s worse because I feel stuck here no matter what, not just because I can’t transfer departments, but because I can’t leave my job either. This is a good company to work for, and unless I get a very appealing job offer, I feel like I’d be stupid to just leave, given all the provided benefits. So I feel like I can’t leave the company, and I’m having a hard time leaving the food court. So I don’t know. I just feel stuck, and it’s suffocating me a little. Maybe I’m just a coward and I don’t know what REAL work is, or whatever the fuck. I can’t even trust my own thoughts anymore, especially when I’m angry like this. It’s this job’s fault that I’m like this, I feel so… angry and disorganized. Bleh.

Recording videos

I want to record some videos. Not really with any plans set in mind, but sometimes I much prefer to speak my thoughts out rather than to type them out. Whenever I type things out, I feel like my flow of thoughts is restricted, and I’m not able to truly pick my brain in these netlogs. I also feel like making more “YouTuber” styled videos too, like talking about certain random topics or whatever. My motivation for that isn’t really to make a following for myself or whatever, I just really want to talk about the things I like, and honestly it feels like editing them like a typical video would be fun. So perhaps I might start just… recording myself. Doing random things, or doing more focused videos. Whatever I feel like. I wonder if I should wear a mask though, or just go and face reveal lol. I’ll see.

The end

Don’t have much to close off with, but yeah I’m tired. I guess one thing I can say is that, yes, I’ve been working on Blip! I’m just taking a long time because this chapter is way longer than normal and also work is eating my time, with a side of procrastination. But I am working on it, been aiming to do a little every day, no matter how big or small, so eventually it WILL be done. But yeah, that’s all. I’m gonna sleep now. Zzzzzzzz