This happened a while ago, but I still wanted to write about it.

I think this was around the beginning of January, I was going thrift-shopping at Value Village, and I was looking at the small electronics section when I found a white DSi IN THE BOX (not sealed but still awesome), including some accessories and games, for $60 dollars. On top of that, I had 20% off, so I got it for like around 50 dollars.

The reason I bought it was because I finally wanted to start getting back into DS stuff, since I had a DS and 3DS as a kid, and I wanted to relive that nostalgia while also experiencing new titles, mainly Pokemon. Not to mention, I’ve become so much of a Sony fanboy with the PSP and Vita, that I kinda started hating on the 3DS and DS for very shallow reasons. Realjame has been shilling the DSi a lot, and combined with my nostalgia, yeah I finally convinced myself to buy into it and give it a second chance.

After I bought it, I modded it and installed some homebrew on it, and got a nice pink theme on it with a custom image.

Fast forward to now, I haven’t really used it in a while, mainly because I’ve been interrupted by Persona 3 Reload and work, but before I was using it to play Pokemon Fire Red, which is actually a really fun game if you don’t have a bitch in your ear telling you Gen 1 sucks. I think I got like half-way through the gyms, so I’ll beat the rest of it someday. Maybe I’ll even complete the Pokedex on it. Not sure.

Anyways yeah, just a small very low-effort post today because I want to get back into writing without getting burnt out so fast. Thanks for reading :)