Another site overhaul and mobile!!!

It’s been a sec since I’ve said anything here.

But I’ve been working on the site, and the fruits of my labor are showing. The site now has a mobile layout!!!!

…Plus other overhauls too.

Mobile support

Firstly, and most importantly, I made a mobile layout for my site. Before, the site was built for a strict 1024x768 screen in mind. However, this was not very practical since most people who would want to use the site at that resolution are assumedly using old computers with browsers that aren’t even compatible with all the fancy bells and whistles modern CSS and HTML introduce. So now, I’ve recreated the layout to be a little more… not strict? I don’t know.

ANYWAYS, now the mobile layout is complete, and I’m honestly happy with it.

Fits pretty well vertically now.

It wasn’t TOO hard to make and not much is different, the main difference being that the header is now on the top rather than the side. So while I don’t have much else to say on it, it’s still a big change for my site that I’m glad to have finally completed after putting it off for so SO LONG.

Other polishes

A small change I made was towards the organization of posts, along with the visual experience of said organization.

I’ve simplified some of the tags and taken out redundant ones, and with that, I created icons to symbolize the topics.

Posts now have icons next to them :)

Some may also notice the absense of the “Bedroom” button on the sidebar. I have kind of given up on it, it was kind of cool, but I haven’t updated it in so long since keeping up with it is really tedious, plus for the mobile layout, it just wouldn’t work, so I’ve created a new section on my site called the “Archive”, which hosts whatever abandoned works I have made in the past. I don’t know how much will be added to it, but yeah.

Compatibility version?

I have stated a few times that I want to make a version that works on older browsers. This has been true for the whole time, but I think the reason it never really happened was because I never had a focus on what specifically I wanted it to work on, so I just went to the oldest thing and lost motivation. However, I now have a somewhat clear goal in mind for how far back I would want a legacy version to work.

My idea was to primarily have it work on the PSP, maybe the DS, but that’s honestly another can of worms, so it’s more of a bonus. I will be building the site around PSP compatibility, but I also want to try to aim for browsers on Windows XP, and I don’t mean modern Firefox from a few years back, I mean like IE 6 and stuff like that. I think it will be doable, and I honestly won’t be too strict on if it works there or not, since like I said, I’m mainly aiming for the PSP. However, it will be a while before I get started on it since as of writing, I am LEAVING FOR JAPAN TOMORRROW!!!!!

So it will be a few weeks, at least, before I get started on it.


I still want to work on this website and write stuff on it, but the video netlogs have been a more fun format for me, so that’s why I’ve been focusing on those and neglecting the site a bit. I hope to find a balance to work on both, and perhaps I will start posting more of my Video Netlogs as posts on this site so that I maintain some activeness on it. I will see what I want to do with it in the future.

But alas, I am tired, so I will finish things here. Bye!